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Email is the proven and preferred method for communications. A global study showed 83% of people prefer to receive communications from businesses over email. It’s also one of the most cost-effective channels with a proven return on investment at $42 for every dollar spent. And it yields precise engagement metrics on opens, clicks, user device, geolocation, and browser.

Because your emails are so important, they need to be handled by the right email provider.

A lost email or delayed email is a lost customer

Emails that miss the inbox, delivery delays, recurring outages from your email provider, or an inability to support your email volume. Any of these issues prevent you from delivering the best experience to customers. That’s why you need an email provider that offers leading deliverability, that’s reliable and scalable, easy to use, and collaborative.

Deliver reliably at scale

SendGrid is trusted by extraordinary businesses like Spotify and Airbnb to provide reliable, scalable email infrastructure. Our proprietary mail transfer agent (MTA) delivers powerful performance—sending over 90 billion emails monthly with a median delivery speed of 1.9 seconds. And our globally distributed, cloud-based architecture provides a solid foundation for your email program.

Get to the inbox every time

Email delivery is complex. As the leading email delivery service, we know you can’t afford to have undelivered emails or emails caught in filters. That’s why we’ve optimized our MTA, developed streamlined deliverability management tools. It’s why we provide unprecedented expertise to maximize our customers’ inbox placement and engagement.

Productive management

Your customer experience is tailored to your business and evolves with your customers’ preferences. SendGrid’s Email API provides the flexibility to build the right customer experience for your business with:

  • Developer-focused APIs and documentation for seamless integration and management
  • Intuitive UI for painless email program management and cross-team collaboration
  • Experienced email support, strategic customer success, and expert consultants to help you exceed customer expectations

If you really want to know why you should choose SendGrid, don’t take it from us — hear straight from our customers.

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"With the help of SendGrid… we have transformed email marketing at eBay."

—Alex Weinstein, Director of CRM, eBay

"Before SendGrid, we were using engineering resources to manage email."

—Lena Krug, Director of Engineering, Meetup

“SendGrid works, and it works at scale.”

—Alex Karweit, Engineering Lead, Nextdoor

“SendGrid has displayed a rare blend of flexibility and reliability.”

—Raveen Sastry, Co-Founder and CEO, NudgeSpot/Boomtrain

SendGrid is to email what Google is to search.”

—Juliana Lima, Communication Manager, VivaReal

“By no stretch of the imagination, SendGrid is our most important vendor… We were blind beforehand.”

—John Havel, Co-founder, The Hustle

The Hustle
"SendGrid is critical to our business.”

—Justin Fritz, Email Marketing Manager, Strava

We have saved thousands of dollars in engineering resources.”

—Jon Hoffman, Head of Infrastructure, Foursquare

"Through SendGrid’s know-how, we were able to master the quality of our deliverability."

—Pedro Axelrud, COO,


Over 80,000 paying customers trust Twilio SendGrid to send more than 100 billion emails every month.

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  • We send 100 billion emails a month with 99.999% uptime.
  • We communicate with 56% of the world’s email addresses every year.
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  • Our team has 100+ full-time email deliverability experts.
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